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What is Sureflow ?

Sureflow creates a vortex so that trapped air and especially dissolved air within the heating water can be removed through an automatic air vent.

This eliminates the formation of magnetites in the system and results in increased flow and return temperatures by an average of 10°C and an increase in domestic hot water supply by over 2°C

Don't just collect your corrosion with magnetic filters, prevent it!

Sureflow removes the air and the dissolved oxygen, which causes corrosion, from the heating system water.

Without corrosion your boiler and radiators last longer.

The removal of air leads to a higher efficiency which means saving money on energy bills, up to 20% saving.

The potential savings are significant

Average household will save £150 per year

Over its lifetime it could save £6,000 on fuel bills and 40 tonnes of CO2 emissions

Increased peace of mind. The average household that installs the Sureflow will save around £150 a year on heating bills, giving average paybacks within 36 months based on a typical fuel spend of £1,100 per year.

As Sureflow has a minimum life span of 40 years, over the product’s lifetime it could save up to £6,000 on fuel bills along with 40 tonnes of CO2 emissions. Of particular benefit to social landlords is the reduced cost of maintenance associated with the installation of Sureflow.

This saving can be as much if not more significant than the savings associated with heating bills.

How it Works?

1. Sureflow works in a very simple way by harnessing phenomena created by the circulating pump.


2. As the water enters the Sureflow the action of the pump causes it to spin into a vortex. In the middle of the vortex there is a low pressure zone which is sufficient to draw the dissolved air from solution.

3. As the water reaches the outlet of the Sureflow the action of the vortex increases and the bubbles of air, now out of solution, rise upwards and are collected through a dip tube to be released from the system through an air vent.

4. With pre-fitted compression connections, installation couldn’t be simpler and there is no annual maintenance needed.

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Sureflow should ideally be fitted as close to the boiler as possible but if this is not possible Sureflow can be fitted anywhere on the heating system and will still work.

Sureflow can be fitted in a boiler room, kitchen, hot press/airing cupboard or any other location containing the flow and return pipes. This could even be in the roof space but in this case the Sureflow would need to be insulated.

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