Improving the Energy Efficiency of Your Cooling Systems

Smartcool & Energy Efficiency

Smartcool delivers cutting edge energy efficiency and cost saving solutions with risk-free solutions tailored to the needs of each client

Increases energy efficiency for air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems.

The reduction of your carbon footprint to help  achieve green sustainability goals.

Deliver significant cost savings for the operation and maintenance of building cooling systems / air conditioning.

Peace of mind with independently tested, risk-free energy efficiency products.

Energy efficient incentives with Smartcool, such as rebates from utility companies & government organisations.

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How Smartcool saves you money?

Smartcool Saves Energy by adopting intellignet Compressor Optimisation to save an average 15% kWh and give customers a payback within 12 to 36 months.

Air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump (HVAC-R) units waste a lot of energy through natural inefficiency. Their compressors consume about 70% of the total energy used by the system.

The average building has about 35% of its total energy used up by these systems- and many businesses see much more of their energy bill coming from their cooling systems.

The ECO3 or ESM is installed between the thermostat or primary controller and the compressor in any HVAC-R system.

Smartcool versus Conventional Cooling System

Conventional Cooling

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1. Temperature in a controlled space will rise until it hits the maximum temperature allowed by the thermostat. The thermostat will then ask the compressor to run until the minimum temperature is achieved.

2. This system is operating within a control band. As the top of the band when the compressor begins to run, conditions are at their most efficient.

3. As the compressor continues to provide cooling and approaches the bottom of the control band, it is using twice as much energy to achieve each degree of cooling as it was when it started at the top of the band.

Smartcool solves this natural inefficiency with compressor optimisation tailored to suit the existing controls and equipment.


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1. Smartcool's ECO3 and ESM are installed between the compressor and the thermostat or controller. From there, they actively monitor and analyze the conditions of the system.

2. The ECO3 and ESM use the information they gather to dynamically adjust the length of each cooling cycle in order to help the compressor operate more often under its most energy efficient conditions.

3. The ECO3 or ESM will intercept the signal from the controller and calculate when the compressor should start and how long it should run for maximum energy savings while still achieving temperature requirements.

4. Smartcool's technology will not allow the compressor to short cycle and keeps it operating within manufacturer recommended conditions.

Some systems, like chillers (also called chilled line systems), may require a more advanced control methodology. For these systems, Smartcool provides custom load management strategies to save energy.

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