Power Factor Correction Improves power quality: saving on energy and costs

Not every commercial premise will require PFC or Power Factor Correction. However if your circuits include pumps, motors, compressors, air conditioning, fans and any significant load that converts electrical energy into motive energy you may well attract "reactive power charges" which will be stated on your bill. If this applies to you or you suspect it could, we can help.

The Power Factor Correction Problem

Put simply these charges are a re-adjustment for energy you have consumed that your meter has failed  to recognise as being power as the equipment you are using is distorting/separating the volts and amps apart.

As a result of this "overly inductive" supply you are consuming more power than the meter can see so there is a discrepancy between your "apparent power" and your "real power".

An un-distorted supply is stated/expressed as "1" or "Power unity" and a 5% distortion tolerance i.e down to 0.95 is allowed by the networks before the consumer incurs a chargeable  event.

The charges can be considerable for exceeding the tolerance and this can have a huge knock on effect to all of the chargeable aspects of your bills.  Commercial bills often charge for available electrical capacity by kVA (This is the amount of energy you need to reserve on the grid for your business to function). When the Power Factor adjustment has been made by the network you may exceed your agreed capacity and incur further hefty penalties.

How to Solve the PFC Problem?

The good news is PFC is a very easy problem to solve and very easily removed from your bills by the introduction of in parallel capacitors which compensate/counteract the real-time induction in your circuits.

The clever bit is in the design and picking equipment that is durable and built to withstand the frequent over voltages seen on the UK grid and also to check the system design is compatible with loads. This can only done by a competent engineer fully analysing the nature of your supply.We advocate that if you suspect you are incurring re-active power charges you under take a full power survey.


Increasing Energy Efficiency: reducing wasteful lag

How we can help you save money?

If you suspect you are incurring re-active power charges you can under take a full power survey.

 A free desktop analysis will be undertaken by us to ascertain the solution and full cost implications potentially to you.The desktop analysis will be presented to you and a recommendation to verify with a full power survey for a one off refundable charge. (this is refunded/discounted on any eventual purchase).The survey confirms exactly what is required and a prescriptive solution to improve your circuit efficiency will be made.In all cases if you decide to go ahead with our solution and recommendations we will deduct the full survey cost from you turnkey solution provision. 

Why choose Secure Carbon Futures

Our aim is to provide you with a return on investment from energy savings.


Paybacks of between 6 months and 5 years are common.

Typical ROI 2.5 years : (Subject to survey supply usage and networks charges incurred.)

We purvey the whole of the market to bring together the absolute best of solutions in both PFC and Voltage Management

We work to bring you the most pertinent solution direct from the manufacturers

Be assured you will get best of breed with full warranty

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