Heat Like the Sun...

Nexgen is a super efficient and healthy way to heat your home or office utilising far infra red energy technology.

NexGen Heating

Nexgen can be applied to walls, floors or ceilings where it blends into your decor and its running costs compare favourably even compared to heating measures considered to be efficient such as Air Sourced Heat Pumps.

What is NexGen

Air and Ground Sourced Heat Pumps rely on convection and warm air circulation to transfer heat and have mechanical and moving parts as do many conventional heating measures like traditional central heating systems.The moving parts (pumps,fans and compressors) this requires them to have regular servicing  and maintenance and these systems do generate noise unlike Nexgen which is has no moving parts to maintain and is silent. 

Nexgen heats like the sun and  does not significantly heat the air, rather it warms solid objects like people that are directly in the path of the infra-red  beams generated - as a low level electrical current is passed through the carbon polymer heating films they emit an even radiant heat in the far infra red frequency range. 
 If you have ever experienced the warmth of a campfire outdoors on a chilly evening or bathed in the sunlight on an Alp you will understand that despite the cold air temperature you are experiencing  infra red radiance exactly like Nexgen produces.
 Across a relative void of space at close to -273c (absolute zero) the suns rays travel 93 million miles to land on earth and on impact infra red is converted into heat energy. At night - all over the world the temperature drops significantly as the infra red ceases to warm the earth.

A Healthy way to heat.

Infra red has been clinically proven to provide huge health benefits to those with coronary, circulatory, rheumatoid and arthritic conditions.

Allergy and asthma sufferers are also thought to significantly benefit from Nexgen. You may have suffered from rheumatics and have experienced a definite increase in mobility and feeling of well being as you holidayed closer to the equator than we are in the UK - This is a benefit science attributes mainly to increased infra-red. If you have a care home and elderly residents the right heating and lighting can significantly help to improve quality of life, mobility, longevity of residents and will also help to reduce medication levels as symptoms are naturally reduced. 

Heating difficult areas............An entirely new approach to heating.......stolen from nature.

Nexgen provides an ideal heating solution for many types of areas that are traditionally regarded as "difficult to heat areas"

Nexgen is ideal for conservatories, receptions, waiting rooms,  hallways  and site offices where because of the constant "swapping out of air" convection and traditional heating methods are rendered virtually ineffective.Nexgen is simple to  install and is ideal as a new build or retrofit heating measure. Virtually invisible when fitted, silent, economic to run and own Nexgen is the solution specifiers and homeowners have been looking for .........something that works with solar and battery storage that heats at the speed of light. The future of heating is Radiant warmth as it is simply the most efficient way to transmit heat from a source to people. 

Manufacturing & Installation

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Our approved installation network

We strongly recommend you install via our approved installation network to ensure your product warranty and product experience is optimal.
Although relatively new to the UK Nexgen has been installed in thousands of locations all over Europe and Asia to great effect. In many countries solutions have to stand on their own merit however in the UK government incentives on certain types of heating mean the subsidies have the consequence of handicapping breakthrough technologies like Nexgen reaching the wide audience the solution absolutely deserves.
If you would like a cost or simply to find out more about this revolutionary way to heat your home please do not hesitate to contact us

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