Liberty Lighting Systems

Liberty lighting is Stylish, Safe and Sanitary..... Whether you are looking for elegance in design or for a low maintenance sanitary solution - Liberty Lighting is the answer.

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Next Generation lighting controls

It switches and functions exactly like a mains wired switch but naturally without the need for power or cables at the switched end.

Using advanced self powering technology and requiring no batteries - the Liberty switch module communicates with the relay receiver connected into your light fitting.That means no more unhygienic unsightly pull cords and you can replace them with beautiful switches that can be cleaned easily and don't spoil the look of your bathroom.

Costs less than a wired switch

Liberty fits where it is convenient for you without any damage to your home's decor.

It costs less than traditional wired switch arrangements and looks just as good if not better than a wired switch. Not having to channel in plaster for wires prevents unnecessary damage to decor and reduces labour costs.Add mood lighting to rooms easily. Liberty Lighting is Ideal for disability adaptation without causing permanent damage simply blank off old switch, re-position and pair the new Liberty switch to the relay.  

E Silver

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E Golden

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Guaranteed for 10 Years

With a signal range of up to 160m, Liberty Lighting can even be used for controlling external lights to outbuildings.

With its patented self powering battery free ultra low energy switch The Liberty Lighting System is guaranteed for 10 years and has a life expectancy of 25 years.

Available in White/Chrome/or Gold finish these beautiful switches will bring a touch of class to anywhere you decide to use them.

Versatile Wireless Switch

Relay connections up to 1.2kW and 2.4kW can be connected and switched so you can switch many items like heaters and even remote appliances like fridge freezers in your garage for example.

Suitable for use in Bathrooms, Washrooms, Kitchens, Home Offices, Outbuildings, Conservatories, Orangeries and Greenhouses, New build, loft conversions and extensions........tell us where you put your Liberty Lighting Solution we are always pleased to hear about your project.

*Always consult a competent electrician or your Liberty stockist before purchase to check power rating of the appliance and compatibility with the control unit.


Technical Parameters

Wireless SwitchReceiver & Controller
Technical Parameters
Worke Type 86 size rocker typeVoltage Range 85V-260V
Communication Model FSKSensitivity -116dB
Work Frequency 433Mhz (adjustable)Outer Shell Material DOW PC (fire) V-O
Keys 1, 2, 3Weight 55-65g
Life time 2000,000 times on/offLife time 100,000 times on/off
Outline Dimensions L86xW86xH14.5/mmWork Environment Temperature -25-55 degrees
Weight 85-110gControl Distance 30m (indoor), 160m (outdoor)
Execution Standard EN 61058-1: 2002+A2 2008; GB 14536.1-2008CE certificate CELVD: SGS LVD GZES 1407007368LM

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