Funding & Finance

Secure Carbon Futures can arrange for your project to be financed either on or off your balance sheets - freeing up capital for core business activities if preferred.

Low Risk Finance Partnership

Shared Energy Saving de-risks the financial decision to outright invest in any particular technologies.

This means the onus is on us getting the numbers right. It's also borne by us and the investor and not you, but you get a share of the fiscal benefit and all of the carbon reduction. Many organisations as diverse as academies and large PLC's use this to reduce carbon as it is a painless way to "pay as you save" 

Reduce Budgetary Contraints

Achieve ESOS carbon reduction without budgetary constraints.

Shared Energy Saving  often suits plc's, councils. charities and venture capital backed companies as longer term strategies are not always feasible or in step with the financial organisation of these entities and carbon needs to be reduced legislatively and morally.  

Types of Funding

Whether you  need £25,000 to fund your LED  project or £250,000 to fund your Biomass project -we can help source a funding method that delivers.

Choose from Lease Purchase - Shared Energy Saving on Special License Agreement - Loan capital injection - Crowd funding or Pension Investment Funding methods.


*Secure Carbon Futures is not a Licensed Credit Brokerage nor does it purport to be however we will introduce you to organisations  who can thoroughly explain your options once a coherent energy strategy has been drawn up.


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