Anglo/German Partnership set to take the Green-tech Market by storm.

Nexgen Far Infra Red heating will offer a healthy, low energy, renewables compatible solution that will change the way we heat.

In 2009 German engineers and chemists sought to prove carbon nano-tube technology could be used to efficiently heat homes.  The passing of a low current and voltage was sufficient to vibrate carbon nano-tubes to convert AC or DC electrical energy into heat energy and that this energy was emitted at the Far Infra red frequency.“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” :-Nikola Tesla.    (How very pertinent we thought).


The Nexgen product has over the past eight years been continually improved in its design and efficiency and serial Entrepreneur and Green-tech Investor Clive Osborne has purchased the rights the produce the technology in a new Hampshire based production facility. In very much the same way as Westinghouse acquired Tesla’s AC technology Clive immediately realised the enormous benefit Nexgen could bring to all society.  Heating people without the need to heat the air with convection is the seemingly insurmountable problem heating engineers have been trying to overcome for years and here was the solution in a technical document on offer in a London Hotel. Nexgen just gets better and better …….its super  efficient ……simple to fit ….. it has so many health benefits many would buy it on that basis alone….it runs on 24v so is battery compatible and it can run equally well on AC or DC. Unlike many other carbon heating systems it is safe, stable and uniform and runs at temperatures that cannot scald or burn and yet will gently warm spaces evenly.








How ironic that the way to completely banish carbon emissions should come in the from a carbon allotrope engineered to produce heat with very low levels of power!

This product is potentially the most significant progress in alleviating fuel poverty to date. How the economics and politics on that pan out is entirely up to the politicians and the legislators and this might be a rare occasion when marketing is doing something we all could genuinely benefit from in terms of health and finances.










A large Dutch commercial grower has also seen the potential of Nexgen to simulate a perpetual spring season through management of soil temperature to promote plant growth. Nurserymen and growers in the UK will likely follow once the commercial findings are formally publicised.

The Nexgen product is being considered for “problem to heat areas” like Arena’s and high traffic areas like receptions in public buildings as well as being a low cost /low maintenance solution available to Social Housing and Private Sector Landlords who are under legislative pressure to deliver standards set out under MEES (the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards).

The full solution diversity of Nexgen is still being discovered as many industry sectors reveal it addresses heating issues either in a better or more efficient way than their current provisions. Modular build and the mobile home sector have been particularly interested as the 0.5mm does not encroach on those with space and optimal design challenges.  Only the future will tell but expect to start seeing Nexgen LecEnergy film pretty well everywhere from your home to the plane you board to go on holiday in to the hotel you stop in and the car you drive!





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