Air Sourced Heat Pumps

Secure Carbon Futures together with Earth Save Products have a huge range of fully SAP rated products.  ASHP solutions will deliver huge carbon reductions for your heating and hot water requirements.With projects delivered for clients as diverse as private householders through to large projects such as the NHS.

How Do ASHP Solutions Work?

The Secure Carbon Futures range of Air Source Heat Pumps absorb the heat from the outside air, even at minus temperatures.

The heat regardless of temperature is converted into Energy, This energy is then converted again & used to heat radiators, underfloor heating, warm air convectors and hot water.

Although these systems run on electricity, heat pumps deliver heat at lower temperatures over much longer periods and therefore produces far more energy than they use.

Why ASHP Is The Choice for Many?

For every kilowatt of electricity supplied to run an our Air source heat pumps, around 4 kilowatts of energy is produced. This means our heat pumps have a COP of 4; therefore for every £1 spent on electricity our Air Source heat pumps can generate £4 worth of energy to heat or cool your property.   Compare this to boilers, which typically have a COP of 1. For example, conventional eco boilers claiming to be 95% efficient will only produce 95p worth of energy for every £1 spent.   In practice then, a high COP of 4 means our customers benefit from significantly reduced carbon emissions and lower running costs, compared to traditional heating systems.

Air Source Heat Pump Range

Our range of Air Source Heat Pumps caters for all sizes, types and ages of property offering renewable energy solutions whatever your building requirements.

Our small classic units use one compressor and one fan to provide the output to meet the design specification whilst the larger units use two fans and up to three compressors. Multiple compressors provide ultimate flexibility and each one is controlled separately to ensure that your heating demands are met by the minimum number of compressors. This highly efficient method means that if your heat demand is low only one compressor will be running.The classic range of Air Source Heat Pumps are designed to be used primarily with Under Floor Heating, Fan Coil Units (Thermovec) and Ecocent systems to meet your domestic hot water requirements.

The Ecocent Maxi Hot Water System

Service support and back-up is as important as initial supply and design when considering ASHP equipment as inevitably as with all technology utilising pumps motors.

Fans and compressors regular servicing needs to be accommodated - unfortunately we frequently see the effects of systems that have not been properly serviced and maintained.

How does a Heat Pump Work?

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The Ecocent – Hot Water System

Our multi-award winning Ecocent hot water system is truly one of a kind. This innovative and versatile system recovers heat from used air and uses this to provide hot water at 60°.

Re-cycle Your Heat

Advanced Heat Heat Exchange Technology

With an integrated heat pump and water cylinder it can operated as a stand alone unit or in conjunction with other renewable technologies.

The Ecocent unit contains Earth Save Products advanced heat exchange technology to recover heat from used air extracted from warm locations within a building. Available in a range of sizes, including 100lt, 200lt and 300lt water cylinders the Ecocent provides plenty of hot water.Effective all year round, this MCS approved product offers amazing performance that not only save you money, but help reduce your carbon footprint.

Save up to 75% on water heating costs

Using as little as 640w/hr of electricity during operation the Ecocent unit produces an abundance of hot water at 60°C.

This is much less electricity than a standard kettle would use to provide a few drinks. The electricity used by the Ecocent unit pwoers the integrated air source heat pump (ASHP). The unit uses smart technology to switch on and off as required, so it only runs when re-heating the cylinder after hot water has been drawn off.The Ecocent is designed to recover heat and moisture from what would normally be extracted (e.g. through an extraction fan). This is then used in combination with our industry leading heat exchanges to produce a reliable supply of hot water. Waste heat and unwanted moisture can be extracted from bathrooms, kitchens, vaulted ceilings, areas of excessive solar gain.

Ecocent – At a Glance

Here are some of the features our clients love about the Ecocent Hot Water System…

Save up to 75% on water heating costs

An air to water heat pump

A fully insulated stainless steel hot water cylinder

A secondary coil

A back-up immersion heater

Digital touch screen controls

Legionella safe pasteurisation cycle

MVHR Compatible

100% free bi-product cool air

The Ecocent Maxi Hot Water System

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What Our Customers Are Saying...

We picked up three awards for our contribution towards energy efficiency and renewable technologies.

Alastair Kay
Alastair Kay NHS

I recently had an ESP ASHP installed for our underfloor heating and MVHR system installed. The team worked to budget and delivered it on time.

Peter Orr
Peter Orr Glencoe

I would just like to say that ESP are a very professional team to deal with. Worthy winners of two national awards.

Martin O'Donnell
Martin O'Donnell NHS

We are delighted with our ESP system. We noticed our energy bills drop immediately and our home has never felt so cosy.

Sarah Williamson
Sarah Williamson Creetown