Secure Carbon Futures provides a comprehensive range of energy efficiency and renewable solutions to help you achieve your ESOS goals and targets.

Our Mission

We reduce your exposure to fluctuating fuel supply / demand and costs by minimising your carbon footprint.  SCF works with specialist partners to deliver on budget on target and on time.

Delivering Real Savings

We have a holistic approach where we can assist your in-house energy people to pragmatically deliver solutions that make sound environmental and financial sense. Alternatively we act as your carbon reduction specialist consultancy and implement turnkey solutions that will deliver savings and carbon reduction for you.

the profit from Carbon reduction process.

Our approach is different from many companies as we very much focus on getting you to your point of maximum efficiency.

Our Approach

Our approach is different from many companies as we very much focus on getting you to your point of maximum efficiency via  technologies such as Power Factor Correction, Voltage Optimisation , Variable Speed Drives and LED Lighting to name but a few. We do this before we look at renewable generation. Reducing your current power and energy demand with efficiency measures should in our opinion always come before embarking on renewable heat or power generation.
By doing so you can either store more energy  in cell technologies or alternatively provide a far higher proportion of your own generated energy. This greatly increases the payback/return on investment for any renewable measures you may want to consider further down the line.


Design and Plan of your energy reduction scheme in line with your ESOS reports.

Benchmarking and agreeing desired /expectations and outcomes..

Arranging your funding method, reducing financial exposure and freeing -up capital.

Energy procurement advice to whole of market and your own procurement portal.

Project management and delivering best value.

Sharing best practice and franchising across your estate. (Roll out on estate)

Savings and Carbon Verification

Find out how you can reduce energy & save on business costs

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